Memorial day…


I haven’t posted in a while, life gets in the way sometimes… 🙂

It’s memorial Day in the US and even though I’m in Canada I wanted to stop for a moment and say thank you. (for us canucks it’s in november)

Grandpa, uncle Fernand… you guys are gone now (my gramp’s passed away of old age, uncle Fernand fell during WWII). Thank you!

Isaac, Bob, Mike, Tom, you served in the USMC, US Navy and the RCAF. Our countries being like brothers you all contributed to make my quality of life better, you stood strong for our freedoms… I’m blessed to know you guys as friends and family members… Thank you!

Stephane you just started your military career with the dream of helping the world become a safer place for your kids and furutre generations… Thank you!

To all who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their families, those who served and are still serving. Thank you!


I am forever grateful.


Overworked and getting sick…

Dear Google spider and Google bots…

I haven’t really posted in a week because I’ve been crazy busy at work. I’m not feeling too good either.

I’m still working on the projects I posted about last time.

Will be back soon.




I’m involved in a wish support community and for the lase few days a friend and I have been trying to come up with ideas to raise funds for the website.

So far we have

  • Carwash
  • Yardsale
  • Online store

Need to work on finding a place for the carwash… find an organized yardsale (neighborhood wide) and set up the store.

The wish community website is Tree of Wishes.

I played a bit in the kitchen

and finally tried something that caught my eye on Pinterest.

I made some avocado pie for St-Paddy’s yesterday and it was very surprising! The taste is very sweet and lemony, the avocado just gives the mix a nice ‘puddingy’ texture. I’m going to play with this recipe a little more.

It’s basically, avocado, lemon juice and condensed milk in the pie crust of your choice.

Below is my masterpiece! 😉

The original blog post is found here.